Semmozhi Poonga

When I was little, my dad used to take my mom and myself to Hotel Woodlands near gemini flyover in chennai. This was the woodlands drive in hotel, so before we bought a car, we used to always sit inside the hotel, which was not that great. But once we had a car, we could sit inside the car itself, a waiter would come by and take our orders and bring the food, right to the car! It was such a luxury at that time. Thinking back now on how excited I used to get whenever my parents said that we could eat at woodlands drive-in makes me smile in nostalgia. That was such a simple, uncomplicated period of my life. These memories  makes me realize how badly I miss my dad and I hold on to them with a sense of desperation and fear, for that’s all I have of my dad today. ..

Anyways, getting back to my glory ( :D) days, my tale would not be complete without mentioning the HUGE, extra long dosas I used to see everyone ordering and falooda…oh yes, those tall glasses filled with vermicelli, ice cream and milk. Those were so popular back then.

My dad used to tell me that the woodlands hotel owner leased the land near the for 99 years. It was a really big piece of land. I guess they couldn’t renew the lease after the 99 years because that site has been taken over by the tamil nadu govt. Recently, I saw pictures of how they have turned the site into a park for the public. No matter the politics, it gladdens my heart to hear about some more greenery in chennai. Every bit of flora helps 🙂

Check out some of pictures of semmozhi poonga…do let me know if you’ve been there..


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