I am pretty new to photography and I’d like to think I have inherited my passion for it from my dad. He shot using a film camera and had a dark room in our home where he used to process all his pictures. Among our relatives, he used to be famous for his wedding photography, being one of the very few who owned a camera and knew how to use it well. Many years later, during spring/summer/winter (its all the same in chennai) cleaning we found so many photographs and negatives of people we hardly knew…it used to really capture my interest. I used to hold the negatives against the light and squint to see if I know that person.  I could see black and white snapshots of newly-weds on the threshold of their life, elders and well-wishers showering them with blessings and good wishes..the nervousness, happiness and even the tiredness of sitting for hours in front of the homaguntam, all wonderfully captured.I laughed at fashion sense of the people back then, men with their bell-bottom pants and big hair, women with their tight blouses and saris with hair piled high and kohl-lined eyes. I felt like I was holding a piece of history that my dad had forever frozen in time. I think that’s when I felt an interest towards this magical machine that made it all possible.

For a long time, and even now I have a problem identifying myself. What’s my identity? I am  a daughter, wife, friend, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, co-worker. But those are my relationships. Then  I am a software engineer, a professional. Again, that’s what I do. Is that all I am? Its a tough question and I have never been able to really answer that. At different moments of my day, depending on my mood, the phase of my life, who I am and what I do differs. Today, I would also like to add another adjective, that I am a photographer. I am, albeit an amateur. Its not much, but its a start and I am glad. I hope with this admission, I really take my interest seriously and commit myself into learning and improving.

I think people photography is one of the hardest to capture. My dad was very good at it but for now, I am sticking to landscape and macro. At least nature’s mood is usually easy to recognize and somewhat easy to capture. I upload on flickr and here are some of my recent pictures :