I am a desi ponnu settled in US. For a south Indian, I like to think I am a little different. I love many things hindi and many things tamil with equal delight. I grew up hearing my dad’s favorite songs by Mohd. Rafi, kishore kumar and mukesh as well as my mom’s favorite, Kannadasan.

I am a software engineer by profession but hope/yearn to become a nature photographer in an alternate universe or as we Indians believe, in the next ‘jhanma’ (birth). This site is mainly my ramblings on just about anything I can think about or whatever I plan on doing next. I started blogging sporadically when I was bored out of my mind in oklahoma ( I was single, bored and more bored). I felt life wasn’t going anywhere..so I kinda got up and gave it a push. I found a job in San Francisco and moved to the bay area. After that, as they say, there has been no looking back. I found the love of my life…the city San Francisco ofcourse (hehe) and more importantly my sajna, my kadalan..the other love of my life..my hubby.One day, if I am open enough for that, I should blog about our story.

My blog is not super interesting…and I am a sporadic blogger at best..so if you are really bored and have nothing else to do, this blog at best can be something you can while away you time or at worst..em a waste of time..just don’t tell me that.

For my older ramblings, check out http://aachpach.blogspot.com. Thanks for reading this far.


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  1. Best Wishes! 🙂

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