A Soalin

I have joined a guitar class at my local community college and so far I am loving it..doesn’t mean I am any good at it though…I pretty much suck. Anyways, my instructor taught us this beautiful piece of music called the “a soalin” last night.Check out the song here..

Legend has it that this music has been around since the 1200s. Travelling musicians, known as minstrels used to travel to farms around the country and play this tune. They used  to add their own lyrics and used songs to pass on the news about whatever was happening in the outside world. Pretty much the CNN of those times! Oh! the tune sounds so good and soooo not like how I am playing it. Mine unfortunately, sounds as though a cat got stuck in the guitar strings and is trying to get away. Although come to think of it, that comparison is probably unfair to the cat. Even this cat can play better than me *Sigh*


Master Cleanse Daily Log -Day 2

So, I successfully completed Day 2. My stomach was growling so loudly that I am sure my co workers noticed. I was ravenous by the end of the day, but I kept thinking of how good this was for me and how this is also an exercise to my will power. Otherwise, its been okay so far. Hoping to atleast do this until Day 10.

Master Cleanse Daily log- Day 1

After reading about Master cleanse online, I have decided to give it a try and stick to it, THIS time. I read somewhere that this diet became really popular after Beyonce tried it and lost 20lbs for her role in dreamgirls. Wow, I would love to lose 20lbs…even 10lbs would be just aweeesoome. Just look at beyonce’s weight loss..wow. Totally inspired right now.

Today is day 1 on the cleanse. Last night, I bought the ‘Smooth Move Laxative tea’. You can find it at your local GNC store. I steeped it in boiling hot water for 10 min and then gulped it down. I was told to watch out for cramps and stomach pains in the morning, which only gets relieved after a visit to the loo, but nothing so far for me.I have decided not to try the SWF since I just.cannot.drink salt water..its crazzzy! instead I am going to use the laxative tea both times. Lets see.

I prepared my Lemonade juice using this measurement:

2 tblspoons lemonade

2 tblspoons maple syrup – organic grade B (from trader joes)

10 oz of water

a pinch of cayenne pepper

It is recommended to keep the lemons that you need yo use for that day outside at room temperature and not refrigerated. I did not do that for today’s lemons but I have kept a few outside for tomorrow’s use.

So far, it has not been that bad…some hunger pangs but I have been able to stick to the diet. Will update tomorrow.